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First Acknowledgement Letter Handed Over

The President of the College of General Practitioners donated Rs. 133790 to provide dry rations for two months to six selected families. Dr. Darrel Mathew (President – CGPSL) is one of the biggest forces in the Helping Hand Project. He set an example for other members initiating the donation process.


The Helping Hands Committee handed over the acknowledgment letter to the President after the CGPSL council meeting held in September 2022.

Earlier, the President of the CGPSL wrote a letter to membership inviting them to donate for the Helping Hands Project.


The Secreatary of the Helping Hands project Dr. Gobith Ratnam handed over the letter to the President.

The Helping Hands Project is a Social Responsibility initiative by the College of General Practitioners of Sri Lanka. The President of the College of General Practitioners of Sri Lanka formed a crisis intervention committee when the signs of an economic crisis was looming.


The committee decided to help the most vulnerable families in the community since it is an economic crisis. The President of the College formed the Helping Hands Project Committee and fully supported the project.


So far we have helped seven families to survive during the economic crisis. We would help their kids to go to school as well. However, our main goal is to empower them to stand on their own. We have identified suitable self-employment for these families and we need your help to provide initial support to these families.


You can find out the ways that you can empower these families in the donations page of this website.


Becoming a donor of the Helping Hands Project is easy. First you can sign up as a donor by filling a form. Once you submitted you can select one of the needs listed in the website and indicate how much you want to donate. You will be given a payment ID.


We can only accept direct bank transfers or cheque deposits at the moment. Please indicate the payment ID when you are sending oney using one of the above methods.

Please fill out the form below and submit if you are interested in becoming a donor of the Helping Hands Project.

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