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Project Details

We thank you for your interest in our project aimed at alleviating the sufferings of the families living in very difficult situations due to the present challenging times.

This project is conducted with the support of the Maharaja Organization through their “Gammadda” Programme, conducted at the village level in many parts of Sri Lanka. This gives us the rare opportunity of identifying the genuine downtrodden families as their coordinators have direct contact with the “Gammada Saviya” committees at the village level. Once they have screened and satisfied themselves, the request for help is passed on to us. Their requests are further wetted by our team before we decide to give them a helping hand. This ensures the valuable support given by the donors reaches the most deserving families.

We are at the moment, concentrating on four area. They are namely,

The College of General Practitioners of Sri Lanka has contributed a sum of one million rupees towards this honourable task as the partner of this project. 

We are giving details of the individual projects we carry out under the above areas for different families with the cost involved on our website and other social media networks from time to time. (Details are given herewith). You can be part of it by letting us know what part of the expenses you would like to bear on these individual projects of your choice.

Due credit will be given to the donor (with their permission), and there will be regular feedback arranged for the donors to know the progress made as to the “foster care” provided by them, which will be done with the support of our partner. Accounts will be submitted as to how the fund was spent by the donor.

We propose to expand our network with the support of our members and associates here and add individual civil society members and well-wishers here and abroad to join us as we go along to strengthen the momentum of the project further.

The College of General Practitioners of Sri Lanka (CGPSL) is the country’s apex academic and professional body of General Practice. It originated in 1969, and the College currently has 490 odd members and associates. The CGPSL is incorporated by an act of parliament which shows the validity of the college as an academic body of national importance.

We, as general practitioners, are closer to the community than other fields of medicine and call ourselves proudly the “gatekeepers” of the community. Although we are an academic body, we always think outside of the box. While living up to its professional values as an academic body, we have carried forward many activities that benefit the community through clear and robust practical initiatives. A clear example is the Tsunami (2004), where the College formed a Task Force for Disaster Management (TFDM) and helped those affected in the spheres of health, housing, education, and disaster preparedness, raising funds to the tune of roughly Rs.14, 300,000.00 from our well-wishers in Sri Lanka and abroad. This project continued till 2013, mainly in educational assistance to children all over Sri Lanka. All accounts were audited and submitted to the well-wishers very transparently.

Our partners, the Maharaja Organization, need no introduction with their unblemished image in the media industry, involved in many humanitarian activities through their “Gam Madha and Gam Madha Saviya” Programmes conducted at the village level in many parts of Sri Lanka.

We earnestly request you to join us with your friends to help us do our part towards this worthwhile cause.